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Flat pack furniture is a great option when looking to furnish your home for these reasons:

Cost Effective – If you are looking to furnish your home on budget flat packed furniture could be the best choice for you. This type of furnishings tends to be cheaper due to the fact that you have to assemble your desks and chairs when you get them home. Take advantage of stunning furniture design at lower prices.

Easy Assembly – Flat pack furniture often comes with the misconception that the task at hand will be difficult. In fact the opposite is true. Every piece of furniture comes with instructions and the appropriate tools needed to assemble it. You may need a few additional tool but those with a standard tool kit will find it easy.

Convenient – Flat pack furniture is ideal for those who are moving home as transportation is stress free. If you have ever tried to transport a piece of ready made furniture you will know that there is little room for anything else. Flat pack furniture comes in compact boxes making it easy to transport.

All types of furniture can be flat packed making it easy to furnish every room in the house. Why do five trips when you can get all of your furniture moved in one? Flat pack furniture is the stress free way to move.

stylish flat pack furniture

Quality – It is not only ready made furniture that is made to a high standard. If you are looking for high quality furnishings do not rule out flat packed furniture. Ready to assemble furniture is made to a high standard and can last as long.

Assembly – Some times you may not have the time, or consider assembly too difficult. If that is the case, please give us a call. We will be happy to build it for you!

For more information you can call us 01157 365990 or you can also visit our website at https://www.flatpackproderby.co.uk/.