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What is furniture assembly in Nottingham?

Having screwdriver and knowledge of turning screws it’s not enough to do flat pack furniture assembly. Even if you good with flowing instructions still not enough. We think: I just open a box, read a manual and within one hour come up with a nice peace of furniture – people like to dream.

Before start is necessary to have basic ideas of what could go wrong, when working on flat pack furniture, so you can avoid doing same task over again. Seven times measure one time cut. We don’t want assemble whole peace and then realize that we forgot to screw panels at the step number 3 and than putting the…. thing back together all over again.

Always open a box at the corner, work your way along the seam, never do this at the central part of the box – you’ll damage or scratch a surface of the furniture.

Don’t rush things up it would be a first mistake that people usually do. Get an idea of what you about to do, spend 5 minutes study instruction, figure sequence and the order of the steps, check the hardware.

People never check the parts list; it gives another idea of what goes where and also you not going to end up with a couple important parts missing at the end. That’s another common mistake people do.

Prepare a working aria, make sure you have enough space to work on and if you can work on the table it would be even better, job would be more productive and you save your back and knees. If you assemble closet or bad you’ll need big room to dance. It can be so frustrating to put the thing together then realize that it is facing the wrong way round or it needs lifting into position but you haven’t allowed yourself enough room to do it.

Wright tools will save tons of your time, you must have a battery drill and basic hand tools, if you want to screw thing together by hands it is going to take whole year. In some cases you might need a drill bits, level, skill saw, hammer, measure tape.

assembled furniture

Don’t mess up components, put everything in order and follow instruction Separate hardware the way it goes, get all the pieces ready before putting together. Put the right screw etc with the correct part so that you don’t get confused. Put the right screw etc with the correct part so that you don’t get confused. 
Be patient and never hurry your project spend all necessary time check tings twice, go trough same operation for several times, if you made a mistake it might give you a big problem at the end

Never brake your back, if it is two people job like it says on the paper then it is. Some projects like wardrobe, closet, office etc. tables require assistant, if you apply to much stress on the panels or other parts you can brake or twist it.

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